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Envision a young, ambitious, self-driven courageous girl, who loves skating, nature, social transformation and above all, people; kids in particular. All these still don’t even start to describe what Esther Muiruri really is. The environmental studies graduate from the University of Nairobi juggles a number of social transformation initiatives in her day today activities at the Kenya Red Cross and in her personal societal engagements.

Helping other people to help in an emergency

The story of Esther Muiruri, 24, a youthful Kenyan, a vibrant and innovative global leader, cannot be adequately told without mentioning her previous engagements with the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) as an intern, and her current role at the Kenya Red Cross as a volunteer within the Nairobi Region.
During her time at the United Nations she actively participated in coming up with the Doha Declaration on Youth in Humanitarian Action in Doha, as well as in the Geneva Global Consultation on Humanitarian Effectiveness, in Switzerland. In both these she helped to come up with global binding compacts.
Esther and her colleagues are preparing for the first aid training
Esther and her colleagues are preparing for the first aid training

At the Kenya Red Cross, Esther is a member of the Youth Engagement Strategy, helping in the implementation of its three 3 key pillars namely; Education, Enabling Environment, and Empowerment.

With the Red Cross Esther has learnt lifesaving skills including first aid skills for various emergencies which come in handy during the handling of various disasters, calamities and other eventualities. Such skills can be useful both within a homestead set up, say, in the event of home-based small accidents or during large scale contexts requiring first aid situations. Armed with these first aid skills Esther has practically managed to save lives. A perfect example is when she came across a victim of a traffic accident around the Global Cinema area recently. Esther was able to cut short her journey in order to attend to the victim and save a life. Her first aid skills and kind heart obviously played a huge role here. Keep saving lives, Esther.
It is therefore prudent to say that first aid skills are life skills that are critical in our homesteads and generally important for the society because you never know when your neighbor, your-self, or a stranger will need your first aid skills to save a life.

esther_muiruri_pledge_greenFive million trees in one hour

Being a graduate of environmental studies from the University of Nairobi, Esther is also particularly an active participant in the Enabling Environment pillar where together with other many volunteers, they target to plant more than 2,5 billion trees by the year 2020, initiated by Red Cross. Meanwhile, this year (2016) Esther and her colleagues at the Kenya Red Cross (Nairobi Region) in conjunction with the Kenya Forest Service and the Ministry of Environment are intending to plant 5 million trees in an hour. The event takes place in December all over Kenya, if the weather is cooperating. This is a very noble cause towards contributing to the collective global effort of environment conservation and protection.

Running the extra Mile for children with cancer

Esther is also the founder of the Global Ribbon Network, an initiative geared towards creating awareness on children cancer. In fact, for the past 3 years Esther has been spending her birthday celebrations with the kids suffering from various types of cancers at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi.
Esther and a few of the 100 runners, who are bringing a positive impact to children with cancer
Esther and a few of the 100 runners, who are bringing a positive impact to children with cancer
On her birthday this year, through her Gold Ribbon Network (which she found with friends), Esther organized with her friends, a run at the Karura Forest with the aim of creating awareness on children cancer. After the run the participants visited the children suffering from cancer at the Kenyatta National Hospital and they donated playing toys, books and spent quality time with the kids and their families giving them hope and courage in the process.
Esther desires to do more for the kids with partnerships joining hands with her Gold Ribbon Network. She quips: ’’Kenya has more than 40 million people, what if all of us chose to spend our birthdays with such kids suffering from various illnesses?’’.
Esther chose to do something more fulfilling with her youthfulness on her birthdays; putting a smile on the faces of amazing kids. She’s a selfless soul. Esther’s altruistic gesture is commendable and deserves all the support it can get. She’s a heroine in her own right and her efforts are not in vain. Keep on with the great work!
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  1. Wow!Esther… you have really taken positive impact to the community (both global and local) a whole notch higher!!! I stand challenged and Motivated. You are set for greatness.

  2. Wow wow my Colleague, friend and patner in community work, I’m really motivated by your great dedication to serve the people. You keep motivating me all the time. I promis you my full support in any way.

  3. Altruistic nature that’s a rare one in this generation. God bless you and may you receive recognition in the sight of men (Kings). There’s no limit to what you can achieve if you set your mind to it.

  4. Such great achievements at an early age. Continue with the same spirit Esther. The world will surely be a better place if we can all emulate your altruistic nature!


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