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So this is it. A new online magazine is born. Yet another one? Yes, another one! But to our mind it´s one with a higher value. Our magazine focuses on all the talented change­­makers and innovative entrepreneurs out there, who seek to bring change to their society. And it´s also not a crime to earn some bob with that. But it´s much more than that. So here are the four betterkenya categories:

Category 1: Social Startups made in Kenya

By far the most important category to us. There are a plenty of smart Entrepreneurs out there, who want to change the society. From the big shots in the business to the small villagers. If you had an idea and transformed it into a business by tackling a problem of the society: Here is your place to be featured. But there is one rule: Please be extraordinary. If you run a normal grocery, then you are not the one we are looking for. But if you run a grocery, where you get your power from solar panels and collect food for serving it to the one in need in the evening, then this might be a different story.

Here we want to spread the word and you will get to know what kind of fantastic ideas are already out there. And that gives you the possibility to learn from them or even approach these creative minds when you see a way for cooperation.

So if you know someone, if you have something specific in mind: Write an email to 

Category 2: Changemakers

To be honest that’s a broad term. If I´m hungry, prepare some Pilau and eat it afterwards, I´ve already brought some change. Good for me – and my stomach. But at betterkenya we feature people who bring a real change to their communities and to our whole society. From clever entrepreneurs, a grandma taking care of some orphans, to people who put their full aspiration towards helping other people without any thinking of themselves. Great role models for all of us.

Category 3: Innovative ideas from other parts in the world

We all know it: Kenya is not the only country in the world. But as well as other people in other parts of the world can learn from the Kenyan approaches, it may also be the other way around. An eatable spoon made in India, a mobile station charging Smartphones using solar power made in Rwanda, glasses for just one Dollar made in Germany? There are tons of brilliant ideas out there, that you won´t find in Kenya. Not yet. Maybe we´ll find a way, to set things like these in Kenya as well. Or to approach these Start-up’s to enter the Kenyan market. Cause these are the kind of businesses that we need. And we feature them on

Category 4: Boost your skillz

I want to make a website, but don´t know how? I need to speak French, but there is no course nearby? Is there a golden way of setting up a start-up? In this section on betterkenya, we want to present you some smart solutions that are already out there and that you can use immediately. Mainly Apps. You can argue, that we are advertising them. And to some extend you are right. But for us it is mandatory, that these solutions are for free. You will get to learn a lot of stuff, that you may have never heard of before or never thought that these things are existing. But in fact, they can completely change your life!



We are an open network and we invite anyone, who feels being a passionate writer, is interested in the topic(s), to contribute with articles in any of the dedicated categories.

Please drop us a line at We´d love to get to know you.

Anyway, our biggest hope is, that you will somehow have a benefit in your life, after reading one or two articles on


Dennis and Denny

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